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In 2000 the "A & K" duo became a prizewinner in the national TV contest of young talented performers and was rewarded with a chance to record their debut album in the studio of the National State Teleradiocompany of the Republic of Belarus. That was the beginning of the duo's music career. Concerts in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta, Turkey, followed.

Alexandra Kirsanova graduated from Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts. In the duo she is vocalist, arranger & composer. Playing the ocarina, block-flute, harp, piano, percussion.

Konstantin Drapezo graduated from Geography Dept. of Belarusian State University. In the duo hi is guitarist, arranger & composer. Start to play guitar when he was 12. One of his favorite guitars teachers was Arkadiy Yushin (ARKAN).

Duo "A&K" won a The "Alexandra & Konstantin" duo was formed in 1998 in.Borisov, Belarus.
number of prizes participating in numerous international song contests and festivals: "Slavianski bazaar in Vitebsk - 2002" in Belarus, "Ethnosphere - 2002" in Poland, "Astana - 2003" in Kazakhstan, “Palangos Gaida -2005” Lithuania, “Discovery-2006” Bulgaria.

Duo “A&K” is the first representative of Belarus at “Eurovision Song Contest-2004” (Turkey).
The duo “A&K” was recognized as the Best Folk Performer of 2004 in the TV show On the Crossroads of Europe produced by the First National TV.
As the members of "Star team" of the sportsmen and artists Alexandra and Konstantin – participants of UN charity action, which takes part within the Global campaign «Stop AID. Keep a promise"

"Za likhimi za marozami" (2001)
"Sojka" (2003)
“My Galileo. THE BEST” (2004)
“Autonomous Navigation”(2006)
“Autonomous Navigation DVD Unplugged” (2008)
“Kliuchy Zlatyja” (2009)
“Maslenitsa” (2011)
?1" (2013)



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