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THALIA – art development fulcrum “

is organization founded for the development of artistic creativity and

culture, the realization and promotion of common goals and common

and interests in the field of cultural artwork and creativity in which

there are equal chances and opportunities for everyone who can

contribute to this society, through their work and to improve the quality

education of children and youth - in area of art and creativity .

The main aim of “ Thalia ” is art development and the affirmation of

young talents , to spread and give importance to music and singing

among young persons, putting them in touch with professionals of the

artistic sector , develop of artistic creativity and culture , stimulating,

creating, organizing, coordinating, supporting, realization and

enrichment of cultural and art supply companies, in which it includes

various forms of art (music, acting, painting, sculpture, dance,

literature, film, photography, architecture) and all multimedia

controversial content, as well as for the development and preservation

of national culture, art and legacy.

Other goals are education of citizens, especially children and young

people in the sphere of art and culture, organizing various activities for

the recognition of talented young artists and to help disadvantaged

groups of citizens.

We accomplish our goals through organizing concerts, festivals,


Headquarters of “ Thalia – art development fulcrum “ is located in

Belgrade, capital city of Serbia.

Contact person:

Zorica Ninkovic

president of "Thalia-art development fulcrum"

founder and art director of " Angel Voice"song and singer contest



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Angel Voice Festival

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